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Ecoglobe 21 Project has been introducing Cost reduce Green tech products, innovative ONLY-ONE technologies and only being used in Japan.  All products and technologies are adopted by large corporations in Japan passing their tests.  

We are aiming to establish Direct global distribution network, instead of through trading firm, encoureaging broad use of the technologies for ENERGY SAVING, REUSE and COST SAVING.  Eco Globe 21 is a platform to introduce Green products and Technologies on behalf of manufactures, to Make difference on  Environmental matters today.  We are also establishing EG21 partners' netrowk in Japan.

We are looking for partners, who is willing to take a part of "Eco Globe 21 global distribution network."

(1) SULFATION DECOMPOSER for Lead-acid battery for lifetime extension and REUSE

(2) Safest & Easiest removing scale technology on circulation water pipe of cooling tower including SILICA

(3) Combustion improving tech products

(4) LIFE SAVING FILTER, Safe Drink Water & Air Clean

In Japan, we have a raditional precept "Sanpou-yoshi," can be translated as "3 parties being winner."
The  concept is "Satisfaction" among all party concerned, that consist of "SELLER","BUYER" and "SOCIETY."

"Mission for Next Generation"

What kind of future we want to pass onto Next Generation?

If we make positive action now, we can change future.

EG21 Cost reduce Green tech PRODUCT CATALOG  Ver.2011.07

Examples of our green products ... more on our catalog
Innovative green technology of Super Desulfation decomposes SULFATION, crystallization of PbSO4, during charge process, in lead-acid batteries. Upgrading quality, Extending lifetime and Regenerating for Reuse.  The effect has been certified by Japan Quality Assurance, Japanese government institute, and it's been sold in Japan for 10 years with no claims.
Althernative simple method of Methyl Ester for fuel refinery.  Low running cost as US$0.01 per litter.   It had been keep upgrading the technology by joint study with Kobe Uniersity, and it's been sold in Japan for more than 25 yeras with no claims.
Enzymatic fuel additive, Petrol EXL is designed to improve the combustion environment to offer you multiple benefits, better fuel efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and also reducing pollution materials in exhaust gas.  The development of this technology has been carred on since the governement order more than 60 years ago reducing petro consumption.  It's been sold in Japan for more than 40 years under name of PEAM with no claim.
International patented technology of "SMALLHYDRO STREAM" Micro Hydrokinetic Generators are a departure from both Conventional Hydropower and Very Low Head (VLH) hydropower systems.
  • Hydropower without Head Drop
  • Designed for Small-Grid Applications
  • Renewable Energy 24 hours a day,365 days a year

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