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EG21 Cost reduce Green tech PRODUCT CATALOG  Ver.2011.07

Sulfation decomposer "SUPER DESULFATOIN" - upgrade quality, extend lifetime and regenerate Lead-acid battery
SUPER DESULFATION, Solvated-Electron solution, is produced by the latest ion technology in Japan.

Patented technology, semiconductor producing
solvated-electrons and own developped know-how
of specially treating pure water made possible to
produce SUPER DESULFATION, Concentrated
electron water.

Sulfation as crystallized PbSO4 will be
decomposed during charge process by feeding
electrons from 2 directions, Plates as normal
charge and also directly from Electrolyte by simply
injecting SUPER DESULFATION into Electrolyte.  

Low cost oil refinery system "ECOPRO"  - running cost as low as US$0.01 per litter
Does not require chemicals to refine "waste oil" and "crude plant oil" to substitute diesel.

Patented technology of ECOPRO is envernmentally-friendly oil refinery system, and it can be a low cost solution of alternative method to Methyl Ester oil refinery, as low as

Simple method of ECOPRO, physically makes oil particles to be microparticulated as small as 10 microns to increases the contact area of Oxigin, and it brings to Perfect combustion.

ECOPRO has been used for "Fuel reformulation" and "Fuel blending" purpose, and 15-25% of "Water emulsification" can be possible.

Enzymatic fuel additives "PETRO EXL" (PEAM) - specially cultured enzyme in Kerosene
Cleans inside of  system to lead perfect combustion by adding 0.01% into the fuel.

The origin of the technology development had started during WW II, pusuring to develop a fuel additives to reduce Petro consumption by the order of Japanese governemnet.

The R & D has carried on and conclued as Enzymatic fuel additives, specially cultuted enzyme in Kerosene.  PEAM is one of the commercialized brands of it.  

Just adding PEAM into fule, dosage of 1:10000, 1cc for 10 litter. PEAM removes soot and unburned-carbon, inside of fuel tank to combustion to exhaust.  Also, PEAM is lipophilic and homogenize the fuel.  

MAT patch (Intake magic, E-Fire) - Power up and Perfect combustion
Improves variation of Air-Oil ratio leading to the perfect combustion by simply sticking the patch to Air-cleaner(or Intake pipe.)

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Small Hydro "STREAM" - Renewable energy for 24h / 365 day
"STREAM" was invented by perceptional change of  hydrogeneration based on hydraulics instead of  physics.

The unique point of STREAM is the conbination of
Dual axis cross-flow turbines and the body with
Bell-mouth designed inside. This unique
conbination increases generation efficiency as the

Range of application